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Series Classes
Series Classes at ATOMIC Ballroom OC Sunday Salsa Series

Sunday Salsa Series

Loosen up literally.

Salsa is a dynamic and popular dance style that thrives on rich tribal Afro-Cuban beats and the growing complexity of Puerto Rican syncopated rhythms. Flirtatious and sensuous in nature, this fun and sexy dance style blends the boldness and agility indicative of Latin dance with more contemporary smooth jazz sensibilities. This combination makes for a great cardio workout; it churns the core, generating energy in the hips that erupts through the legs and torso, increasing your strength and range of motion.

Whether you are new to Salsa or have been mixing it up for years, this month long series class is guaranteed to add flavor and a little kick to your technique, making you the most popular choice in nightclubs from Los Angeles to Miami and New York, as well as in the ballroom. Stretch your limbs and your limitations.


$16 per class or use your Punch Card.

Upcoming Series
February 4th - February 25th
  • 12:15p Beg Bachata Series
    Whether you know about bachata or not, (or if you're just trying to figure out how to say it) it's becoming just as popular and widespread as salsa, and it's danced in all the same places. It's just as easy to pick up, if not easier, and is very connected and simple in a way that's similar to merengue. By the end of this seriea you will know all about timing, turns, and walks. Take this series for a fun complement to your salsa dancing!
  • 1:00p Int Bachata
    If you've been dancing bachata for a few weeks now then you are ready for this class to learn moves that every dancer should know how to lead or follow! You should already be familiar with your basic bachata and ready to take on a few more challenging variations. We'll go over technique as well as moves such as crossbody leads, arm styling, and shines. Come and get your bachata on!
  • 1:45p Beg Salsa Series: Salsa 101

    Whether it's your first time or you're just looking for a fresh start, this class is made get the salsa newcomer up to speed.  Learn all the basics, dance to a whole song, and tell all your friends you're a salsa dancer.  Everybody's gotta start somewhere!

  • 2:30p Int Adv Salsa
    If you are ready for a challenge and ready to get your dancing to that Advanced level, then this is the class for you! Each week we will cover new challenging moves to help you make that shift from an Intermediate Salsa dancer to an Advanced Salsa dancer.

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