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Series Classes
Series Classes at ATOMIC Ballroom OC Tuesday Lindy Series

Tuesday Lindy Series

In this series you will learn the fundamental ideas that turn simple 6- or 8-count moves into 5-, 7-, 11- or 23-count moves. When you’re ready to stop counting and just dance, come dance with us in the Tuesday Lindy Series. We will help you break down your dancing so that you can understand the techniques behind Lindy Hop, Charleston and East Coast. It's time to leave that lindy circle, sugar push, pass through routine behind and trade up for the moves that you get to name because you did them first.


When you're ready to start the journey to YouTube fame, register for the Tuesday Lindy Series at ATOMIC. $16 per class or use your Punch Card.

Upcoming Series
April 4th - April 25th
  • 6:15p Beg Lindy Hop Combos- 6 & 8 Count Series
    Learn the difference between 6 & 8 Count Lindy and start transitioning between the two of them.
  • 7:00p Int 8 Count Lindy Hop Series

    Have the basics of your 8 count moves down like your Swingouts, Circle, and variations on these moves?  Take this class to gain a larger vocabulary and a better understanding of this classic dance.

  • 7:45p Adv Charleston Series

    Take this class to bring your Charleston to a whole new level!  Be prepared for some complex patterns with crazy ideas to get you dancing.

ATOMIC Ballroom Irvine, CA 949.250.3332 or email at dance@atomicballroom.com
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