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Series Classes
Series Classes at ATOMIC Ballroom OC Monday Ballroom Series

Monday Ballroom Series

Grace, coordination and style come together right here on the ATOMIC ballroom floor and Ballroom Dance Instructor Doreen Fineman brings it to you in this monthly progressive series designed to expand your dance repertoire exponentially. Doreen's fun and energetic teaching style matched with a dynamic and evolving course curriculum is just the right recipe to get you moving across the floor like dance extraordinaires Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Learn to glide across the floor with ease and confidence, while making fast friends over three classes per night each focusing on a new and exciting ballroom dance. In the following month, graduate to the next series as Doreen steps up the beginners to an intermediate Series, intermediates to an advanced series, and introduces a new dance to add to your dance repertoire. The structure and pace of the course will keep you interested and progressing comfortably.


Register for the Monday Ballroom Series. We're saving you a dance. $16 per class or use your Punch Card.

Upcoming Series
April 3rd - April 24th
  • 6:15p Beg Cha Cha Series
    Upbeat, flirtatious, Latin party dance! Start at the very beginning and learn to feel comfortable dancing the basic patterns. Lots of review to gain confidence and learn how to move properly. Fun, fun, fun!
  • 7:00p Int Tango Series
    Should know the basic steps. We will add more patterns and refine technique.
  • 7:45p Adv Bolero Series
    The slowest of the Latin dances... beautiful and romantic. At its most advanced, the bolero is somewhat of a "Latin waltz" - distinctly Latin through hips and Cuban motion, yet graceful and sweeping like a waltz. Think of the final forms of this dance as the true bridge between the smooth and rhythm dances! This class is a more detailed look at techniques such as Cuban motion, and moves such as checked passes and cross body variations. We will continue to perfect our technique while applying it to more involved patterns. Beautiful sweeping moves. Take this series if you plan to showcase, compete, or just want to take your social dancing to the highest level! Experience Doreen's favorite dance.

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