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Argentine Tango Program

Argentine Tango is a kind of music and a kind of intimate partner dancing with roots in Buenos Aires. Argentine Tango dancers are a community of people who love to connect with each other by dancing to Tango Music. They dance to vintage tango as well as Tango Nuevo.

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Every Sunday Evening: Tango Invasion

Argentine Tango is passionate. Argentine Tango is fun! And it's so easy to start dancing Tango at ATOMIC Ballroom. We've put together a format for learning and practicing that eases you into what will become a lifestyle of dancing Tango. The evening dance that follows our group classes is friendly, welcoming, and is designed to help beginners dance all night. Once you are hooked, you'll never stop dancing.

Drop in Classes This Sunday: Feb 14, 2016

Evening Dance

Wednesday Night Practica

Practice makes perfect, especially for Argentine Tango. Join our guided practica with hosts Joe and Peter. It's popular and fun!

Drop in Classes This Wednesday: Feb 17, 2016

Evening Dance

Every Thursday Night: Milonga Astoria

The owners and teachers of ATOMIC Ballroom have teamed up to throw an additional night of Argentine Tango at a nearby venue. You can't use your ATOMIC credits at Milonga Astoria we you are encouraged to attend!

Friday Night Tango Practica

Lindy in the main room, blues upstairs, and Argentine Tango in Studio B. Triple dip!

Drop in Classes This Friday: Feb 19, 2016

Evening Dance

Argentine Tango Program Special Events

ATOMIC Ballroom Classic
ATOMIC Ballroom ClassicATOMIC Ballroom

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