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Private Lessons at ATOMIC!

  1. Are you nervous about dancing in front of other people?

  2. Are you concerned you will not keep up in a group class?

  3. Do you want to accelerate your learning beyond the speed of a group class?

  4. Do you want to skip dancing with other students and dance with a professional?

  5. Are you getting married or preparing for a dance function?

  6. Do you have special needs?

  7. Do you like personal attention?

Are Private Lessons right for you?

If you answer yes to ANY of the following questions simply give us a call at 949-250-3332 to book a $20 sample lesson and a tour of our ballroom!  Otherwise you can come join our super popular group classes!

Schedule A Lesson Today!

Just give us a call at 949-250-3332, or email us at

Private lessons are available seven days a week from 10AM - 10PM.  Each private lesson is 45 minutes.  Depending on their retention some students also like doing double sessions.  Dress for private lessons is casual and you don’t need any special shoes to start.  Package prices vary depending on your dance goals & couples can share the cost of a lesson package.  During your sample private lesson your teacher will give you a tour of the dances you are interested in and recommend a package based on your ability and interests.  We offer private lessons for Lindy Hop, West and East Coast Swing Dancing, American and International Ballroom Dancing, Salsa Dancing, and Argentine Tango.  Our teachers are all active social dancers and experts in their fields.  Come to us for quality and fun!  Our "Student Councilor" is Trisha and it's her pleasure to help you meet people and develop your new life skill.  We offer performance opportunities at our Student Showcases and competition opportunities at local inter-studio competitions.

Come dance with us!