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American Tango

Evolving in Argentina and Uruguay, ballroom tango also formed from the influence of Europeans, American, Hollywood, and competitive requirements. Ballroom tango has two different styles: American and International. Both styles feature a closed position but utilize an open position to perform many of tango’s movements.

American style tango was popularized in 1921 by Rudolph Valentino in The Four Horsemen of the Apocalpse. His highly styleized dancing helped to codify the dance in Europe and led Arthur Murray to standardize the dance in the United States. His syllabus borrowed steps from Argentine, Hollywood, and the social floors of the time to create the American English style of dancing.

International Style Tango derived itself from English tango and led to a more unified standard that focused on international competition. The prominence of English dancers provided them with early successes, but the rise of an International standard allowed other counties, notably Italy, to push the boundaries, and raise the standard of international tango competitions.