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So I have to tell you, I either blame you or give you credit, for the fact that I dance in the lobby, at work, when I am on my way to the bathroom. I can't seem to turn it off these days.
--Chris L.

Advanced Lindy Hop Intensive with Mikey Pedroza, Nikki Marvin, and Nick Williams!

February 5th - 26th, 2017 • 6:15pm - 7:45pm

This class is designed for those who have, at least, a year of experience and are wanting to work on their dancing in new and exciting ways. Lindy Hop has very tricky moves at its highest level, and all of them are based on a higher understanding of the dance. This class will offer a more detailed look at techniques such as rhythm, body awareness, connection, and communication. Try this class if you plan to perform, compete, or just want to take your social dancing to new heights!



Each class is $28 or two punches from your ATOMIC Punch Card.

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