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Dance Lessons at ATOMIC Ballroom!

Try a one-on-one lesson (or two-on-one if you have a partner) with one of our dance professionals and see why we have hundreds of happy dance students.  Many students find private lessons beneficial because of the attention to detail and enthusiasm our instructors bring, and the chance to really hone the techniques and fundamentals which students sometimes miss in a group class.  Also, if you have more people that are interested, we offer Group Private Lessons that can be customized to exactly what your group wants to learn!  Now all you need to do is give us a call to schedule one!

We have tons of drop-in group classes going on all the time!  We teach many different forms of social dance at a bunch of different levels to make sure we have something to offer everyone that is interested!  We keep the levels simple: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced.  Beginning is for absolute beginners, we’ll take you right from the first step of the dance at your pace.  Intermediate if for students that have a light foundation in that specific dance, meaning they should definitely have the basic step down and know a handful of moves.  Advanced is for intermediate to advanced dancers that have a solid foundation and can learn at a relatively quick pace.  Just look at our calendar to see all the options!

Series classes are a wonderful opportunity to work on your dance technique and social dance patterns while progressing each week with useful, fun, and challenging material.  You’re sure to get a continuous dose of great material that you can easily integrate into your social dancing.  These classes are great for people who want to progress quickly and have the availability to make it to all the class sessions.

Are you interested in learning how to dance, but just don't know where or how to begin?

Are you a seasoned dancer looking to brush up on your moves?

Whatever the case, we have plenty of options for you!