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The first Lindy Hop routine, Stops, developed out of the musical inventiveness of Frankie Manning. In 1937 as Jimmie Lunceford began playing "Posin'" Frankie’s confidence and intuitive understanding of the music allowed him to freeze in place during the breaks in the music. This inspired Frankie to try these "stops" to other songs where the music didn’t stop but merely withdrew to the background and eventually to any Lindy Hop song. The realization that the series of stops he created that fit with the music could be danced to any song and with other couples cemented Stops into Lindy Hop history. As such a significant piece of Lindy Hop history it is an important routine for any dancer to learn. Not only does it give you a stronger relationship with the dance, but also a better understanding of the music and why Stops works so well. Some of the moves include:
  • Basic Charleston
  • Half breaks
  • Fall off the log
  • Charleston Break
  • Kick Across

Stops is taught by:
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