Wednesday West Coast Swing Practice Dance2019-12-11T16:13:37+00:00

West Coast Swing dancers are a community of people that dance to Pop, Blues, and Slow Swing. WCS is considered the sexy, sophisticated swing dance. Take some time in the middle of your week to relax, unwind, and connect with the music.

We have drop-in beginner classes that cover a rotating series of topics, so stay in them until you’ve got your basics down. Then move up to our intermediate/advanced classes, that introduce more complicated patterns, musicality, and improvisation. No partner needed, and no experience required!

7:45pm Beginning/Intermediate West Coast Swing
8:30pm Beginning West Coast Swing

9:15pm West Coast Swing Practice Dance*
$18 per group class (or use your punch card)
$7 for the dance only
*For changes to the schedule: please visit our website: