Swingin' Sock Hop
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ATOMIC Ballroom

Swingin' Sock Hop

Every Tuesday at 8:30 PM

Are you hep to the jive?

Enjoy a great evening of America’s favorite dance - the Swing! With toe-tapping music from the golden age of Swing through to the rock and roll era, you won’t be able to sit still. Our floors are packed with local Swing dancers, and folks come from all over to trot out their lindy, swing, shag, and balboa.

Tuesday night group classes introduce the basics of swing dancing to new dancers, and introduce existing hep cats to different forms of swing dance, new combinations, and even more ways to get your feet flying and your heart pumping.

Swing out on the main floor - or if that’s too slow for your taste, take the tempo up...stairs, to our Loft. We also host a Shag and Balboa dance every Tuesday with a different DJ on our second floor. Swing lives on Tuesday nights at our Swingin’ Sock Hop!

Swingin’ Sock Hop: 

  • $8 (includes admission to The Balboa Room).
  • $12 when there is live music or just $4 if taking a class.

Group classes: $15 each or use your Punch Card (any group class also includes admission to the evening dance, unless there is live music). 


Classes on Tuesday, April 21st

ATOMIC Ballroom Irvine, CA 949.250.3332 or email at dance@atomicballroom.com
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