Lauren Woods, ATOMIC Ballroom Instructor
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Lauren Woods
Lauren Woods
Staff Instructor

From the age of 4, Lauren Woods has been involved in competitions and talent shows under various styles of dance including modern jazz, stomp, and hip hop. Her career in dance involved music videos, short films and live events. She also taught choreography to local stomp and cheer teams for shows and competitions.

Lauren came across tango in 2011. Being a professional opera singer, tango allowed her to feel her more sensual and elegant side in dancing by connecting with Argentine classical music. Six months later, she performed with an octet string ensemble called Hutchins Consort performing stage tango. This was the beginning of her tango career and since then has performed with a stage group in Los Angeles created by Monica Orozco and has worked with other dancers doing events in LA.

In 2015, Lauren and her former partner, Johnny Nguyen were announced 3rd place US champions in salon tango. 
As an artist Lauren is known for her musicality, stage presence, unique style and artistic expression.

In the next four weeks, Lauren is teaching:

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