Daniel Klock, ATOMIC Ballroom Instructor
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Daniel Klock
Daniel Klock
Staff Instructor

Dancer, Choreographer, Competitor and Performer

Famous for his wit and sharp smile, Dan approaches teaching his love of dance with a familiar attitude.  He is a trickster with both air steps and dance steps.

Daniel is currently teaching private lessons throughout the week in a verity of dance styles that include: Country 2-step, Line dance, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Salsa, Shag" href="/knowledge-base/dance-styles/Collegiate-Shag.php">Collegiate Shag, West Coast Swing, and various Ballroom dances. In the past few years Daniel has won at the U.S. Open Swing Dance Championships along side his teammates on the the Bobbysox Brigade. He has performed at the Encore theater in Tustin for a nine month run of the theater's swing revue, "Swing into Spring." He continues to grow as a dancer and thoroughly enjoys teaching, social dancing and performing for  those who appreciate the art of dance.

In 2008, he began to teach dance in Lynchburg, Virginia.  This mostly consisted of Salsa along with some ballroom. However, after about a year he noticed a lack of diversity within the dance scene. He decided to start a weekly swing dance in 2009 which quickly gained popularity and became what is known today as Lynchburg Lindy.  Dan also began the Lynchburg Lindy Swing dance team which would perform in a variety of venues throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Though his dance life began in Virginia, he was born and raised in Southern California and he is happy to be back sharing his love of dance with everyone.

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