Care\'n Chato, ATOMIC Ballroom Instructor
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Care\'n  Chato
Care'n Chato
Staff Instructor

Miss Care’n Chato is an exceptionally multifaceted performer and instructor in all areas of the performing arts. She has trained extensively in many forms of music, dance, and drama. Care’n’s love of the arts began at home, while growing up in a musical household, and then flourished with the guidance of outstanding voice teachers such as Eric Fütterer, David Jenkins, Daniel Ebbers, Robin Buck, and Frances Young, along with esteemed dance teachers such as Deborah Skinner, Tara Morton, Tony Banks, Molly Lynch, and Jody Gates, to name a few. Care’n studied the performing arts with an emphasis in vocal performance at the University of the Pacific where she received her Bachelors of Music, and the University of California Irvine where she received her Masters of Fine Arts. She developed skills that would take her performing all over the world in musical theater, opera, jazz, choir, and many dance styles including ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, hip-hop, break dance, and swing! As a teacher, Care’n immensely enjoys sharing the passion that she has for the arts with kids and adults of all ages and abilities!

In the next four weeks, Care\'n is teaching:

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