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To ATOMIC Ballroom Fullerton Students,

It is with deepest regrets that we inform you that we are being forced to close our ATOMIC Ballroom Fullerton location.  The building owner let us know yesterday, without warning, that he will be transitioning the lease to CF Dance Academy, the kid’s dance school currently on the 3rd floor of the same building. We understand that business is business and that this might be the best decision for the building owner and his family trust, but we are heartbroken and devastated to lose this amazing dance space that we have poured our time, money and inspiration into over the last 6 months.  Despite the fact that we invested thousands of dollars to upgrade and clean the dance studio, we were not given notice or any chance to negotiate the situation.  

We will close our doors in Fullerton on Monday and will no longer be offering any group classes in Fullerton.  We may continue to teach private lessons in Fullerton on a limited temporary basis by renting floor space from CF Dance.  We understand that this is very short notice, and we appreciate your patience as we figure out all the details. 

We will be honoring all lessons purchased at ATOMIC Ballroom in Fullerton at our Irvine location.  We will move our more popular Fullerton group classes to Irvine.  Keep an eye on our online calendar here:

For answers regarding transferred group classes, bronze passes, and private lessons purchased originally from Fullerton DanceSport please contact Stuart Cole directly.  

The good news is that during the short time we promoted dancing in Fullerton we built relationships with some amazing new teachers and employees and also brought so many wonderful committed and new students into the ATOMIC Ballroom fold.  The worst part of any dance venue closing is that some regulars stop dancing.  We would like to encourage you to find new homes for dancing, and we invite you especially to join our amazingly popular dance family at our Irvine location.

Shesha and Nikki Marvin