Great Gifts for the Dancer in Your Life

//Great Gifts for the Dancer in Your Life

With the holiday shopping season upon us, you’ve made your list, but still wonder what do you get the dance enthusiast in your life? How do you know what they already have vs. what they do or don’t need? Although the act of dancing in of itself is often thought of as a gift; We’ve all heard that saying, “The Gift of Dance;” but for the rest who don’t know much about dance, or are just terrible at choosing gifts, what would they (you) get that special friend, relative or co-worker, when you can barely tell the difference between most of the dances in the first place?

Although different types of dancers sometimes require different gear, here’s a list of items that every dancer (whether pro or newbie) can use and appreciate:

1. Shoes – for that particular dance style or even comfy, cozy non-dance shoes like Uggs or flip flops are always soothing to anyone who’s been on their feet for hours!

2. Tights/leggings – though not necessary for all types of dance, this still seems to be a staple for most.

3. Comfy clothing allowing for freedom of movement.

4. Sweatbands or a tie to keep hair out of face and absorb sweat.

5. Cap or scarf – to keep warm leading up to practice/warm up & to bundle up after, and avoid that cold, sweaty chill that comes once you stop moving & body starts to cool down. Many sites offer a good assortment of caps, mugs, bags and T’s that can be personalized with your own signature touch (by adding photos, names and so on).

5. Shoe brush – although not necessary for all dance shoes, it is essential for the longevity and functionality of the shoe for certain types like ballroom shoes, which usually have a suede sole that must be maintained.

6. Shoe insoles – for added comfort of course. Also provides relief for sore, tired feet and can help lose fitting shoes stay on ones feet better, thereby minimizing blisters.

7. Baby powder – be sure to check with your studio if OK to use, as some prohibit, will others encourage its use on the dance floor.

8. Good sturdy water bottle/mug/thermos – Since hydration is of the utmost importance both before, during and after dance time.

9. Insulated lunch-pail / snack bag – For those post dance class munchies. Remember, it’s important to fuel up before class or a performance, as well as soon after. So having a nifty bag on hand that keeps cold things cool and hot things hot makes it’s harder to skip out on essential nutrients needed for dancing.

10. Decorated journal/notebook – to note steps, choreography and any other important thoughts.

11. Shoe bag or dance tote bag – for obvious reasons. All of this stuff on this and other lists has to be hauled around somehow!

12. More lessons – this is a no-brainer since like any other ongoing fee, the costs for classes can really add up for some. Despite it being a worth while investment, I can’t think of any dancer who wouldn’t appreciate receiving a few weeks, months, or any amount of essons bequeathed to them at no charge. Also, no matter the (experience) level, additional training is always a helpful, and in most cases – necessary. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving!


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