How to Preserve and Care for Your Dance Shoes

//How to Preserve and Care for Your Dance Shoes

Dance, just like any other sport can be greatly aided by the use of special equipment, namely footwear. Although many styles of dance can be done barefoot, wearing the right shoes can greatly aid ones movement and help a dancer soar to new heights. Once you’ve spent a good amount of time and money on your dance shoes, how can you ensure that they will last?

The kind of care a shoe requires will depend on the type of shoe it is, whether it is made from leather, suede or man made material, and the amount of wear and tear it goes through, along with other factors.

Basic care for dance shoes


1. Rotate 
No matter the shoe type, the more you rotate your favorite pair with another pair of shoes, the longer they will last (just like when you rotate tires on a car).


2. Leave them out to dry
Allowing your shoes to air dry in a mesh bag, or outside of a bag all together in between wearing will minimize unpleasant odors and excess moisture. Placing a dryer sheet inside of the shoe is also a great way to make them smell delightfully fresh.


3. Clean them periodically
At least they won’t appear as old and worn as they really are on the surface! At least you can give them the appearance of being less worn out. Saddle soap works well for leather shoes while washing shoes in cold water with mild detergent in a washing machine is ideal for canvas shoes. Shoes will shrink after drying, but should then re-shape to your feet again after wearing.
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4. Stuff them like a turkey!
Using a shoe tree or balled up newspaper inside of the shoe when they’re not being worn will help to retain their shape as their drying out.


5. Brush shoes regularly
Brush suede sole shoes with a steel wire brush to remove debris and wear only indoors to prevent excess wear and damage to soles. (Suede is commonly used on the bottoms of ballet an ballroom shoes).


6. Prim and polish 
Use silicone oil on patent shoes to help prevent them from cracking and peeling, or regular polish to keep shoes looking good as new.


7. Keep toenails trimmed 
Clipped toenails can prevent excess wear and pressure on the inside lining of the shoe.


8. Use socks or nylons 
The fabric helps with for better distribution of force and pressure.

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