The Balboa Rendezvous 2012 – Coming March 29th to April 1st

///The Balboa Rendezvous 2012 – Coming March 29th to April 1st

International Balboa Workshop and Competition Right Here in Southern California!

It is the First Day of Spring and that means in just over a weeks time, Balboa enthusiasts from all over the globe will descend on San Diego (and the historic Balboa Pavilion in OC) for The Balboa Rendezvous!  There will be nightly dances, competitions, a workshop with world class instructors, live bands, late night dances and fun activities.  Then close out the weekend with a special Q&A with the Masters, dinner and dance all at the historic Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach CA!

You don’t want to miss this chance to learn about or experience this locally seeded jazz dance…only 9 days left to register.

A Taste of Things to Come…


Why We Love Balboa and SoCal Swing

Balboa (and it’s later cousin, SoCal/LA/Bal-Swing) is a closed-position partnered jazz dance that arose in Orange County in the 1920s when ballrooms were full to capacity forcing dancers to move about in place.  As jazz music began to swing and more ballroom locations popped up around southern California, a new generation of young dancers blended the rhythmic choices of Balboa (jig trot and other local dances) into their new style of ‘swing’.  Whatever your take on the elusive oral histories of these dances, there is a subtlety and nuance which attracts new disciples.

  • Balboa can be done to ANY tempo!  At very fast tempos, Lindy Hop can get tiresome since you are using a lot of energy to move many parts of your body through space.  With slower tempos, blues is no longer your only option.  Balboa and LA Swing put their energy and focus in the footwork.  Conserve that energy and you’ll never have a reason or need to get off the dance floor!
  • Balboa is a dance for ALL ages!  You can be wild, fast, youthful and funky or refined, tight and minimalist with your Balboa and LA Swing.  With experience, you will find that these dances have little impact on your joints – which is great for young and aging bodies!
  • Balboa is a subtle dance of expression and partnership!  You will find that many balboa enthusiasts love the subtle communication between you, your partner and the music.  Even if you stay within the Balboa rhythm, there are a million ways to stylize and vary your basic footwork.  And two well-connected individuals are then given the chance to have an intimate call-response or mirrored conversation.   It’s a unique feeling we search for every song!

What to Bring to Your First Balboa Workshop or Class

  • Leather Soled Shoes for men and women.  Heels are standard for women (if you are comfortable) but not required.    If you don’t have leather, suede is the next best sole choice.  Don’t bother with rubber soled shoes if you can help it.
  • Deodorant/Mouthwash/etc – Since you are about to get in closed-position with your partner or a number of dancers, feel confident and be courteous by observing some pre-class hygiene.
  • Notebook or Video Camera for taking down class notes and/or filming yourself.  Balboa is a very individualized dance.  Instructors will give you history, technique and even some ‘moves’ but the subtly and style will come from you.

So head down to San Diego for a unique workshop experience!  And if you’ re a local dancer from LA or OC, be sure to purchase a Dance-Pass for the weekend or tickets to the Balboa Pavilion on Sunday.  Don’t miss this one of a kind international balboa event – The Balboa Rendezvous 2012


*For more information about Balboa Classes at Atomic Ballroom check out our Calendar

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