Confessions of a Dance Shoe Addict

//Confessions of a Dance Shoe Addict

Red Chucks for everyday wear, and black sueded Chucks for dancing.

Red Chucks for everyday wear, and black sueded Chucks for dancing.

Hi, my name is Jessi (“Hi Jessi”) and I have a dance shoe addiction.

Well, I mean, if I’m a dance addict, then it only seems natural that I would have a shoe addiction too, right?

I won’t call it a problem, because that means that there’s something wrong with owning 10 pairs of dance shoes.  That means that the relationship I have with my shoe guy is just a fly-by-night fancy.  True, we met through a mutual friend, and I know I’m not the only gal on his dance card, but thanks to him, I have salvaged my falling-apart gorgeous leather Bal shoes.  He also worked his dance shoe magic on a pair of Chucks so that my feet can dance in casual comfort.

I could never choose between my dance shoe loves.  There’s my red and white

Suzy Q Bleyers for special occaisions...

Suzy Q Bleyers for special occaisions...

wingtip Bleyers that I’ve had for over 10 years now and given how Bleyers are just about impossible to come by now I couldn’t part with them.  There’s my heeled Susie Q’s that I bought knowing that they were a little too big – but I was so ecstatic to find a pair in a sale rack that I just couldn’t leave them all alone, could I?  Not with all the dances that they surely have left in them.

Then there’s my Aris Allens.  Ah yes, my Rug Cutters, that I have danced in for almost two years solid since finding them at Camp Hollywood in 2009.  And that’s just one pair of Aris Allens.

Yes, it has had an impact on my life.  It means that right now I’ve outgrown my closet and need to expand my shoe racks.  I’ve even, so help me, contemplated taking up carpentry so I could build myself a pair of lovely Art Deco-inspired shoe racks to display my lovely dance shoes.  It will help make more room in my closet, because a gal can never have too many shoes, right?  I mean, we have scores of outfits to coordinate, and surely there is a pair of shoes to showcase them all.

I wonder what will happen if I start taking ballroom, tango and salsa…where will my dance shoe addiction next lead me?

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