I’m in a New Orleans State of Mind

///I’m in a New Orleans State of Mind
I'm in a New Orleans state of mind.

I'm in a New Orleans state of mind.

I’m in a New Orleans State of Mind today.  My body may be in SoCal but my brain is on Bourbon Street.

This is a momentous year for me.  In five weeks I’ll be graduating from college, and less than one week later I’ll be heading to New Orleans to attend the French Quarter Festival and Fleur de Lindy (killer-diller graduation present for myself, huh?).

I’m really excited that my first Lindy exchange away from home is going to coincide with my first time in New Orleans.  As a born and raised Pennsylvanian, somehow I never got down to the bayou and it seems that the stars have aligned.  There’s something magical about that city, and getting to Lindy Hop at the birthplace of jazz just makes it all the more appealing.  Okay, knowing that I’ll be within walking distance of quite possibly the best coffee and beignets in the world at Café du Monde doesn’t hurt either.  There are plenty of dance events that only start at 1 a.m., so I’m going to need all the coffee I can get!  I’m traveling with fellow Lindy Hoppers and some of my best friends, and for five days we’re going to be dancing our way through the French Quarter.

With my final semester nearing the end my schedule is just hectic, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not taking the time to incorporate a little N’awlins into my days.  It’s keeping me inspired and motivated while I’m pulling yet another late night working on school.

Café du Monde - home of the best coffee and beignets this side of Paris.

Café du Monde - home of the best coffee and beignets this side of Paris.

  • Dive into the vampy/witchy world of Anne Rice.  Her novels may circumnavigate the globe but they always return to New Orleans and some point.  I’m reading “The Witching Hour” and her descriptions ofNew Orleans are so lush and vivid I’m pretty sure I’m going to fall in love with that city on sight.
  • The Princess and the Frog – it combines a quintessential California institutionwith the magic of the bayou and with some great jazz music.  I have to confess I’m listening to it constantly.
  • Indulge in some tasty New Orleans food.  The Jazz Kitchen at Downtown Disney in Anaheim is one of my favorite spots – good food and great atmosphere.  You must try the chocolate soufflé, it’s amazing.
  • Jazz, jazz and more jazz!  I’ve loved jazz music ever since I was little, and New Orleans jazz has that certain Dixieland twang to it that makes it jazz like no other.  I have to confess that most of the jazz I’ve been listening to has been that of New Orleans native Harry Connick, Jr.  I saw him in concert last year and his entire second set was nothing but dark-saloon, back porch on a muggy night New Orleans jazz.  Yes,  right now I know what it means to miss New Orleans.

If you can’t make it to Fleur de Lindy, never fear – I’ll be blogging from the bayou so that you can get a little slice of New Orleans in Orange County.

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