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Beg Balboa
A closed position dance that was founded on Balboa Island. Come learn the basic and a few moves to get you out on the dance floor.
In the next two weeks, this class is being offered:Sunday, June 24 - 6:15p With: Jeremy Otth Irvine, CA
Tuesday, June 26 - 6:15p With: Jeremy Otth Irvine, CA
Sunday, July 01 - 6:15p With: Jeremy Otth Irvine, CA
Tuesday, July 03 - 6:15p With: Jeremy Otth Irvine, CA
Beg Balboa and Shag Series

Early Balboa and Collegiate Shag in the same Series!

Beg Balboa Series

Learn the essentials to becoming a great Balboa and Bal Swing dancer.

As early as 1915, Southern Californians have been dancing their very own form of swing known as the Balboa. Originating in the Balboa Peninsula of Orange County, this dance incorporates intricate footwork with smooth body movements, creating a fast paced glide most enjoyed by the couple dancing the steps.

The Balboa gained worldwide popularity throughout the 30's and 40's, and is still danced today anywhere swing dancing is appreciated.

The series we are now offering at ATOMIC Ballroom Covers the basic hold, an introduction to lead and follow, the shuffling basic, transition, loly kicks, come around and toss out and repetition to music.

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