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Series Classes
Int 20s Charleston

Feel comfortable with your 20s Charleston basics?  Take this class to add more move combinations, extra turns and how to make your Charleston rock.

Int 20s Charleston Series

Once you have the fundamental movements of 20s Charleston, take this class to learn more variations, complex patterns and fun stuff!

Int Adv 20s Charleston
Once you have the basics of this fun dance, learn more moves and patterns that will have you dancing the charleston all night long!
Int Charleston
Learn more intricate patterns and better entrances and exits to this fun and energetic dance.
In the next two weeks, this class is being offered:Tuesday, October 02 - 7:45p With: Natalia Eristavi Irvine, CA
Friday, October 05 - 7:00p With: Jofflyn Valencia Irvine, CA
Int Charleston Series

Ever wanted a little taster of some of the different styles of Charleston?  Well, here's your opportunity.  We're going to take you through Side by Side Charleston, 20s Partner Charleston, Shadow Charleston and how to transition seamlessly from Lindy Hop to Charleston.  Plus, there'll be some awesome moves in the mix.

Int Solo Charleston
Now that you have the fundamentals down of what to do when you don't have a partner, here are more moves to expand your vocabulary and rhythmic variations to keep you on your toes!
Int Tandem Charleston
Add on to the classic dance where the girl is in front of the guy. Learn variations and different patterns to be able to move onto the dance floor.
Int Tandem Charleston Series

Think you know your Tandem Charleston basics?  Take this class to discover some awesome moves and variations that will have you doing the Charleston all night.  Each week the series will review and add on.

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