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Series Classes
Beg 20s Charleston
Learn the origin of the charleston in this fun partner dance!
Beg 20s Charleston Series

Learn the basics of the dance that started all of the craze of Swing dancing.  This partner dance is lots of fun and can be a great energy saver!

Beg Charleston
An 8 count dance that is high energy and involves lots of kicks. Little to no experience necessary.
In the next two weeks, this class is being offered:Tuesday, October 02 - 6:15p With: James Bianco Irvine, CA
Tuesday, October 02 - 7:00p With: Natalia Eristavi Irvine, CA
Friday, October 05 - 7:00p With: Chris Do & Kelly Young Irvine, CA
Beg Charleston Series

Learn the basics of the this fun and energetic dance.  It involves a lot of kicks and is typically done to faster music.  This series will build each week and give you new material to be able to add to your dancing each night.

Beg Partner Charleston
Before swing dancing there was charleston. Take a step further back in time and learn the roots of lindy hop. This rare class is a must take for anybody serious about swing dancing. Charleston gives you the ability to dance fast.
Beg Solo Charleston
Ever wondered what to do when you can't find anyone to dance with? Learn some basic moves that you can do on your own until you find your next dance partner.
Beg Swing Charleston (Side by Side) Series
Beg Tandem Charleston
Learn the basics of this popular 1940s Charleston style where the follow is in front of the lead.
Beg Tandem Charleston Series
Shadow / Tandem Charleston is an essential part of your lindy hop vocabulary. It's a kicking dance based on mirrored patterns where the girl is in front of the guy. Don't miss this rare class.
Kickin' Charleston for Beginners Series

Charleston is one of the earliest forms of swing dancing. Throughout this class we will focus on teaching you different styles of Charleston including; 20s Partner Charleston, 40s Side by Side Charleston, and Tandem Charleston. We will aslo focus on how to transition between the different styles and how to get back into Lindy Hop. 

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