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Blues Classes

"The Fish Tail," "Struttin'" and "The Slow Drag" are only a few of the dances that have traveled through time with blues music. As dance evolved, the Afro-American elements became more formal and diluted, the British-European elements more fluid and rhythmic.

Dance moves passed down through generations were revised, recombined, and given new flourishes. The cyclical re-emergence of similar elements marks the African-American dance vocabulary."

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Blues Fundamentals
For those craving blues and/or fusion dancing, we've got your fix upstairs in the Lounge. At 7:45pm is our intermediate progressive series, focusing on blues, fusion, or a specialty. At 8:45pm is our beginner fundamentals blues series. This class is strongly recommended if you wish to take the intermediate classes at a later date. From 9:30pm to around 11:30pm is the blues set where you can really dive in to dancing blues. From 11:30pm to around 1:30am is the fusion set, which is a mix of musical genres... perfect for those who know a variety of dance styles and want to fuse it up or just want to freestyle it. Blues and Fusion Lounge Facebook Group discussion can be found here: Our schedule of upcoming blues/fusion events and classes can be found here:
Fusion Fundamentals
Whatever your dance background, Blues Fusion will take your connection and creativity to the next level. A free-form, interpretive social dance, Fusion is about taking social dancing down to its most basic form--musical representation through body language.
In the next two weeks, this class is being offered:Friday, September 21 - 8:45p With: Cierra Tunquist Irvine, CA
Friday, September 28 - 8:45p With: Cierra Tunquist Irvine, CA
Int Blues Series
Int Fusion
All Levels
All Levels Blues Dancing Fundamentals
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All Levels Blues Dancing- Progressive Series
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All Levels ProgressiveStyling for Blues Dancing
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BluesFusion Progressive Series
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Fast BluesStruttin' Style

Struttin' is a single step blues dance with an emphasis on the down beat and a feeling akin to a jog. Danced in close embrace, we'll provide the basic fundamentals to develop the footwork and shaping aspects that make this dance so unique.

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