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Jazz dance, although technically an umbrella term incorporating several subsets of dancing, for swing dancers, more commonly refers to authentic jazz dancing. Jazz dancing focuses on movements that are created from your body’s center. The focus on movement from your center allows jazz dancers to create dramatic and energetic movements while maintaining balance and precision.

Beg Jazz for Adults

Learn the basics of Jazz dancing while you strengthen your core and gain flexibility. 

Beginning Jazz for Adults
What exactly is jazz dance? The term "jazz dance" has been used to describe an ever-changing form of popular and creative dance movement ever since the early 1900s. It represents our popular culture, and as the culture changes, so does the appearance of the dance. After gaining inspiration from ragtime music and early social dancing (swing!), jazz dance became famous through American musical theatre with stars such as Bob Fosse and Fred Astaire. Today, we know jazz dance as an exciting fusion of many dance styles that is set to music ranging from hip-hop to show-tunes. It is loved for its high energy, fun, unique movements, fancy footwork, big leaps, and quick turns! Dress Code · Jazz shoes recommended · Barefoot is okay (Hard to turn on though) · Socks are not allowed (Slipping danger) · Comfortable clothing that allows full range of motion · Stretchy materials · Nothing too tight or too baggy · Long hair must be secured away from the face (Important for turning!) · Please note: Anyone who does not follow the dress code is in danger of injuring not only themselves but other dancers around them as well. If the teacher believes that a student is a hazard, they will be asked not to participate.

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