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Bollywood Classes

Bollywood is a name for modern Indian dancing. Its a combination of classical Indian dance and folk dancing such as Bhangra, and sometimes has a Latino, Arabic, and Hollywood influence. It’s fun and very expressive with a lot of deep meaning behind the music. Bollywood dancers are expressing what the music means, through the graceful movements of their body.

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Bhangra Bollywood Series
Reetu will be taking you through six straight weeks of great "Bhangra" Bollywood instruction. Bhangra is a North Indian Folk dance. Bhangra is a very upbeat and high energy dance of celebration. Students who take this class will have an opportunity to perform at the year end showcase of Move Bollywood Prods, and other events too. Each student will get a copy of Bollywood songs from the series to practice with and to keep!
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Learn classical Bollywood movement through the use of patterns. It's a great way to wake up and start your weekend!
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Bollywood Fusion

Bollywood dancing is the foundation of every great Indian film. Bollywood dance is a fusion of traditional and folk dances, classical Indian dance and western influences such as jazz, hip hop, and modern. An easy to follow dance class that will have you sweating as much as smiling! No previous knowledge of dance or music is required. 

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Bollywood Series: Garba and Dandiya Raas
In Dandiya Raas, men and women dance in two circles with sticks in their hands. In the old times, Raas did not involve much singing, just the beat of Dhol was enough. "Dandiya," or sticks, are about 18" long. Each dancer holds two, although sometimes when they are short on Dandiya, they will use just one in the right hand. Generally, in a four beat rhythm, opposite sides hit the sticks at the same time creating a nice sound. One circle goes clockwise and another counter-clockwise. In the West, people don't form full circles, but instead often form rows. Reetu Patel will be teaching the basics of Dandiya Raas in a choreographed dance routine and will be providing the props and music CDs for the students.
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Bollywood Tikka Masala Series
Bollywood Tikka Masala is spicy, sweet and sour. Bollywood dance series will be the most extravagant dance routine covered in 6 weeks. Students will learn high energetic dance steps, along with the basic technique of each dance step. Students will have the opportunity to perform their dance at ATOMIC Ballroom Showcase on July 10th and at "Alice in Bolly land" on June 26th at the South Coast Repertory.
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Bombay Booty

Bombay Booty is an interval based strength and cardio dance class for a total body work-out with a Bollywood twist. The class has a very simple approach towards fitness, have fun and just lots of fun working out.

Besides how can one say no to a class named Bombay Booty!

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Lejhim Bollywood Series
Back by popular demand is a brand new Bollywood Dance Series! Over the next 6 weeks we will be working on "Lejhim", and it's sure to be a lot of fun! Every state in India has a Folk dance. In this dance series we will be going on a journey to the state of Maharashtra where it resides in the city of Bollywood "Mumbai”. Students will learn how to dance with a prop called "Lejhim", a small piece of bamboo with a string of bells around it. PS: The Bhangra dance series students will be performing in the Student Showcase in April!

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