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Beg Int
Beg Int Salsa
If you are still a beginner and wondering if you are ready for a higher level class or if you are an intermediate dancer looking for a refresher course, then this is a great class for you! In this class we will briefly go over the basics which you should have already learned and then move on and try some more challenging moves. This class is aimed to getting you out on the dance floor and looking good!
In the next two weeks, this class is being offered:Wednesday, September 26 - 7:00p With: Corey Eiland Irvine, CA
Wednesday, October 03 - 7:00p With: William Carpenter Irvine, CA
Beg Int
Beg Int Salsa Series: Cool and Sexy
Want to look like those stylish dancers out on the dance floor. Learn flashy and fun styling that will have people watching you will you are dancing. We will work on creating better posture, lines, body movement and styling to build your self confidence.
Beg Int
Beg Int Salsa Series: Cu-Cu-Pa
This class teaches you to describe, recognize and most importantly feel the beat and play with the rhythm blended with suave and entertaining movements.
Beg Int
Beg Int Salsa Series: Dance Faster

Wonder how to make your feet move to those light speed fast songs?  We're going to show you how to do it by breaking down the movements and building up the speed.  So get ready, get set, dance!

Beg Int
Beg Int Salsa Series: Freestyle
Learn how to dance salsa free styling without a partner using rumba, mambo and clasics salsa moves to impress your partner and then use those movements to get close and get back to the party.
Beg Int
Beg Int Salsa Series: Pachange Combination
Beg Int
Beg Int Salsa Series: Partner Combos
It's time to impress your dance partner! You'll learn how to utilize the best techniques and dancing tips while being precise, gentle, sexy and smooth!
Beg Int
Beg Int Salsa Series: Suave y Rapido
Beg Int
Beg/ Int Salsa Series: Dance Faster
If you feel ready to step up to the next level, and you have fun trying something new while making great friends, then this class is for you! You'll be sure to improve your salsa dancing posture, lines, body movement, styling, self confidence. This is also a great series to experience if you're looking to become a competitive dancer.
Beg Int
Beg/Int Salsa: Mambo Style Series
Mambo was the original Latin dance craze of the '40s and '50s. The music and dance gained a newfound popularity in its rebirth as Salsa in the 1960s, and again today. This series class will teach you some new smooth and sassy moves to really kick into gear this fun Latin dance and show you how to incorporate it with your Salsa. Mambo!
Beg Int
BegInt Bachata Series
Beg Int
BegInt Casino Rueda Series
Beg Int
BegInt Guaguanco Moves and Patterns Series

In this class you will learn about Guaguanco moves and patterns which is a sub-genre of Cuban Rumba, a rhythmic music and dance style. 

Beg Int
BegInt Salsa Dance Essentials Series
    If salsa is so easy then why is it so hard? That is the most common question ever asked. In this series you will learn the SECRETS of salsa and why it is SO EASY!
    Leaders, come learn how to create your own moves, proper lead techniques, and follow techniques….YES I DID SAY FOLLOW TECHNIQUES!
    Follows, you will learn advanced connection techniques, adding flavor to your dance, spins, enhance your body movement and even some hijacks.
    Are you ready to take your dancing to the next level….then come join us. 


Beg Int
BegInt Salsa Series
Beg Int
BegInt Salsa Series: Combinations
Beg Int
BegInt Salsa Series: Mambo Combinations
Beg Int
BegInt Salsa Series: Turns Technique
Beg Int
BegInt Salsa: Rumba Style Series

Beg/Int Salsa: Rumba Style Series

Beg Int
Salsa: Shines Performance Class Part 2

Are you ready to take your dancing to the next level? Come take our Salsa Performance Class focused on SHINES!!!

Shines (AKA Footwork) are a fun and scary part of Salsa dancing. Salsa is typically a partnered dance, however there is a moment in the music in whcih your partner may breakaway and dance on their own. This is often refered to as "shines'. 

This intensive 2 part series class will focus solely on salsa shines. If you want to feel more confindent on the dance floor and improve your overall dance experiecne, then this is just the class for you. In this series you will learn a fun, challenging salsa shine routine to a entire song. You will then have the oportunity to perform this at the "Student Showcase & Atomic Family BBQ" on September 17, 2011.

You don't need a partner and this will be an Beginner/Intermediate class.  


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