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International Jive

International Jive Classes

Jive, the ballroom dance style, originated in the United States and was based on the uninhibited style of Swing dancing known as Jitterbug. As a fast high energy dance jive adds a distinctive style to ballroom dancing. It is danced on a pattern of 6 beats to music written in 4/4 time. The number of steps taken per 6 beat interval; single, double, or triple, depends on the speed and mood of the music. The additional basics add versatility and variety to this exciting dance. It features many of the same basic patterns of East Coast Swing though its rhythms differ drastically.

Beg International Jive

Learn the basics of this fun and energetic dance that includes a lot of kicks, flicks and some sick moves.

All Levels
A Taste of International Jive

Join our taste of International Jive class and learn how to jump, jive and wail to some of the faster big band or more contemporary artists.  This class will teach you some of the fundamental steps of Jive and have you moving on the dance floor in no time!

Bronze I Jive Series
Bronze II International Jive Series

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