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International Viennese Waltz

International Viennese Waltz Classes

International Style Viennese Waltz is danced in closed position. The syllabus is limited to natural and reverse turns, Changes, Fleckerls, Contra Check, Left Whisk, and Canter Time Pivots. The dance that is popularly known as the Waltz is actually the English or Slow Waltz, danced approximately at 90 beats per minute with 3 beats to the bar. The International standard is 30 measures per minute.

Beg International Viennese Waltz

Learn the basics of this quick and elegant dance.  It will whisk the night away as you spin across the dance floor.

Beg Viennese Waltz
Int Viennese Waltz
Dancing, like anything else, takes careful study and practice, and Viennese waltz is likely the most challenging ballroom dance there is. But don't give up hope - although it takes time to master even the most basic moves, the end product is the most beautiful dance in the world! This series will go step by step with a more detailed look at techniques such as rise and fall, and moves such as changes and whisks. Because of its difficulties, you should be very confident in your basic steps before attempting this series.
Adv Viennese Waltz
By now you should feel like dancing the Viennese waltz is graceful and fun, but this class will be your first step towards mastery! If that perfect waltz is just out of your reach, we will give you the final techniques and steps to help you find it. This series is a more detailed look at techniques such as pendulum movement, and moves such as fleckerls and contra checks. Try this class if you plan to showcase, compete, or just want to take your social dancing to the highest level!
All Levels
A Taste of International Viennese Waltz

International Viennese Waltz is a beautiful dance that demonstrates the strength of Standard dancing.  Learn the basics of this elegant dance as you continue working through all of the different styles of International dancing.

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