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American Waltz

American Waltz Classes

American Waltz is a sub style of waltz that can be recognized by its prominent use of the open position. The original waltz was a folk dance before it was integrated into ballroom dancing. The age and popularity of the waltz and the fact that it featured a closed position, allowed the waltz to serve as the foundation for several ballroom dances. The earliest sources describe the waltz as a sliding or gliding dance from the 16th century. Hans Sachs, an early observer noted that the large wild steps of the peasants had been refined by those in higher society to shorter more elegant movements.

Beg Waltz
The Waltz was the first dance of its kind to introduce the idea of dancing in closed position. Originally denounced for its vulgarity and immorality, the Waltz since then has come to be one of the more popular ballroom dance styles. Come out and learn the basics of this once rebellious dance and you'll be dancing like a pro in no time.
In the next two weeks, this class is being offered:Monday, July 30 - 7:00p With: Melaina Brill Irvine, CA
Saturday, August 04 - 7:45p With: Michael Benner Irvine, CA
Beg Waltz Series
Elegant and refined! Learn the basics and how to travel around the ballroom with confidence. No ballgowns or tuxedos necessary!
Beg Int
Beg Int
Beg Int
Beg Int Waltz
Int Waltz
Once you have the foundations solid, use this class to learn how to put together more challenging patterns. You will also focus on better technique to be able to lead and follow the moves with ease.
In the next two weeks, this class is being offered:Saturday, August 04 - 7:00p With: Michael Benner Irvine, CA
Int Waltz Series
If you already have a solid foundation of the basic Waltz footwork then you are ready to move on to moves that will challenge and inspire you. The Waltz is all about excitement and change and as we progress through the series we hope that you'll learn why. Come learn new patterns, technique, and how to swiftly lead and follow.
Int Adv
IntAdv Waltz
Adv Waltz
Use this class as a spring board into continuity Waltz. Should have a strong foundation in dancing and knowledge of closed Waltz.
Adv Waltz Series
Elegant and graceful. Learn how to move around the dance floor with confidence as you learn complicated patterns and technique.
All Levels
All Levels Waltz Technique
This is not a patterns class. Focus on rise and fall, swing and sway, posture and alignment, foot placement and timing. Take this class over and over.
All Levels
All Levels Waltz Technique Intensive

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