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American Foxtrot

American Foxtrot Classes

Foxtrot is an American dance that legend says was created by vaudeville star Harry Fox. Unable to find dancers who could perform a difficult two-step routine, Fox created the basic Foxtrot rhythm, slow-slow quick-quick. This dance caught Vernon and Irene Castle's eyes and they quickly lent the dance their signature style and grace.

Beg Foxtrot
This class will go over the basic steps and give you a couple of basic moves to start your love for Foxtrot.
In the next two weeks, this class is being offered:Saturday, June 23 - 7:45p With: Michael Benner Irvine, CA
Monday, June 25 - 7:00p With: Melaina Brill Irvine, CA
Beg Foxtrot Series
Learn the basics of this elegant dance over the course of the series
Int Foxtrot
This class will go over some more moves for your repertoire. You should be comfortable with the basic steps and a couple of moves.
In the next two weeks, this class is being offered:Saturday, June 23 - 7:00p With: Michael Benner Irvine, CA
Int Foxtrot Series
The all American dance... elegance with attitude! We will be traveling around the floor more and adding patterns while refining our technique. Think Fred & Ginger!
Int Adv
IntAdv Foxtrot
Adv Foxtrot
Feel comfortable and confident in your Foxtrot? Come learn some advanced technique and challenging patterns.
Adv Foxtrot Series
Now that you have the basics and some technique, get ready to glide around the floor with patterns that travel more and techniques to smooth it all out. This is when you start to feel like Fred and Ginger!

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